Best Movie Streaming Sites: Watch Online Movies with Minimal Hassle

More often than not, going to a theatre can be exceedingly cumbersome. However, the temptation to watch movies online remains existent courtesy the wide-array of entertaining stuffs and lack of other recreational activities. In this article, we will be taking about some of the best movie streaming sites available in 2017— perfectly suited for watching movies online.

Trust me when I say piracy isn’t the only solution for watching online stuffs. There are many legalized options and streaming is certainly one of the more popular resorts. While there are certain free movie streaming sites to work with, premium options are also available for users who believe going with credibility and brand value.

The best part about watching movies and other stuffs via streaming websites is that the movie fraternity isn’t harmed and producers can still make profits. I would again like to mention that streaming websites do not offer pirated content as the movies enlisted over most of them are made available only after the movie is released, officially.

We will be enlisting some of the best websites for watching movies online which are strictly streaming-oriented. This list will include both free and paid websites, catering to every kind of user.

Not just movies, these streaming sites offer TV series, documentaries and a full gamut of other interesting stuffs to enjoy and fall back upon.

  1. | One of the Best Movie Streaming Sites

Here is a great website that offers a better-looking interface to spice things up. doesn’t even fall short with quality of content is considered. While this layout speaks volume about the quality of shows, the downloadable hierarchy further adds to the credibility of the same.

The user needs to select the country and even the specific movie— filtered accordingly. This website comes pre-loaded with a host of categories and the best part is that the content is uploaded with a span of days.


Brace yourself for one of better streaming websites know to the mankind. This website flaunts an exceptional array of categories and content with top-notch organization adding to the same. Be it making selections based on ratings, country and even genre. offers everything that’s needed.

Probably the best movie streaming site for the maniacs, 123movies is exceptional when it comes to content segregation.

  1. The Internet Archive 

Let us come face to face with this public domain which allows streaming across multiple platforms. Not just Hollywood, The Internet Archive stacks entertaining options throughout the world— ranging from music albums, TV series and even art movies.

For the doubtful individuals, The Internet Archive is completely legal and offers streaming based services. The list of movies, however, is restricted to the public domain.

  1. Putlockers2

If you are looking to go international, Putlockers2 is the way to go. Here is a basic site that comes with an updated database of a decent number of movies. However, this website works rather differently as none of the movies are hosted by the internal server and provided to the users as non-affiliated links.

Movies can be watched rather directly sans signups or registrations. This is one responsive website, equipped with a host of filters— allowing users to segregate movies depending upon choices. Putlockers2 also throws in the option for watching online streamed content which cannot be downloaded.

  1. TMoviesNow

Here is another free streaming website that offers links and redirections to certain non-affiliated sources. Much like some of its contemporaries, even TMoviesNow doesn’t host stuffs on its own server. Moreover, the collection out here is pretty exhaustive and even the older movies are stacked in with precision— regardless of the genre.

Lastly, registrations are not needed for watching movies over TMoviesNow.

  1. My Download Tube 

This is one movie streaming website which doesn’t support downloads. While the design looks great and the movies are of pretty god quality, registration isn’t needed for watching good content. The databases are regularly updated as well. Downloading stuffs is still possible over the select device, only if offline viewing is one of your priorities.

  1. Retrovision

As the name suggests, Retrovision rekindles our love for older movies courtesy the fitting interface and a wider collection of classics. The layout comprises of decent fonts and graphics while the anti-slick design offers the visual freedom. So, if you are interested to watch black and white movies without having to worry about selections, Retrovision is the place to be.

  1. Vimeo

Vimeo doesn’t remind us of YouTube but with a twist. Purely an independent platform, this interface is the best bet for viewers who prefer watching short movies and creative stuffs. The library is pretty exhaustive as well and one can pair the same with a host of Smart devices, including Roku, Chromecast and even the Apple TV.

  1. Hotstar Movies

This is an India-specific streaming portal which can be accessed even via the Hotstar application. Be it a wide-array of live sporting events or TV shows across the globe, Hotstar offers a holistic user interface for people to enjoy movies on the whole.

The best part about Hotstar is that it can typically be used as an application, fit to be carried along over smartphones and tablets. In simpler words, this is one perfect resort for the movie maniacs who are on the move.

  1. Watch Documentary

This website or rather interface is a store house of deep, abstract movies— precisely the documentaries. Be it a social cause or any specific incident, this website can satiate every user requirement— via the existing application.

Their also exists a mailing list which allows users to sign up for newsletters and intimation when a new movie gets launched. Watch Documentary is from a different breed of streaming but serves a holistic purpose.

  1. Yidio

If the name isn’t creative enough. Yidio boasts of a wide-collection of drama movies and a friendly user-interface. Navigation works like charm and the customized movie alerts seldom fail to stir emotions. Lastly, Yidio cannot actually be considered as a movie streaming website but works more like a typical search aggregator for helping users to find specific movies.

  1. SnagFilms | Offering Free Streaming

Here is yet another free website for movies and other forms of content. The homepage comes with an exhaustive collection of thumbnails and categories are specified accordingly. While we do get movies from varied sources, Snagfilms is best known for witnessing nature and animal related content. This website also boasts of a dedicated, movie application.

  1. Crackle

Sony’s Crackle isn’t a new name when it comes to movie streaming and complete viewing. However, an account needs to be created before users can actually enjoy the expansive library of content. Once the user has signed in, a watchlist needs to be created based on the preferences. Crackle will then be offering recommendations based on the specific movie taste.

The only issue here is the annoyance of advertisements which can also be seen over other movie streaming websites.

  1. PopcornFlix

Here comes the typical world of screen media venture which distributes TV shows and other kinds of media to the television market. There is a massive library to choose from and most movies are segregated based on the genre.

  1. Premium Movie Streaming Websites | Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime

Now when we have talked about the free versions of streaming, it become all the more important to spare a few thoughts for the premium renditions.

  • Netflix- Online movies and TV shows can be viewed here by paying a subscription price. The best part is that one can watch movies and TV shows that are being aired at certain hours of day. Netflix also keeps a definite account of your views regardless of which device is being used for the same. As a website, can also serve the purpose.
  • Hulu- Here is an US specific streaming client that comes as a paid service after a free one-week trial. Users can select between ad-free and ad-supported versions of the subscription plan— based on preferences.
  • Amazon Prime- Last but definitely not the least, Amazon Prime is a treat for the movie maniacs, in return for a nominal fee. This serves as dual benefit scheme as users subscribing for Amazon Prime can get their goods delivered faster than they can even imagine. Moreover, they can even enjoy latest movies and other forms of streamed content.


Streaming movies and other content are great entertaining options for viewers who are always on the move. I have only given a small list of prospective streaming clients and other options will be discussed in the subsequent articles.